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5" Aluminum Screw Posts <font color=177ddd><b>(100 Sets)</b></font> 5" Aluminum Screw Posts (100 Sets)

5" aluminum screw posts are designed for binding very large books. For books and other projects that require a longer post, they can also be extended to almost any length with our screw post extensions. For binding documents this thick, it's a good idea to obtain posts that are slightly longer than the thickness of the book. This will leave room to open the inner pages a bit better, and will make the screws hold ... [More]


Price: $43.95

3/4" Large Head Plastic Screw Posts <span style="color: #177ddd; font-weight: bold;">(100 Sets)</span> 3/4" Large Head Plastic Screw Posts (100 Sets)

3/4" large-head push-lock screws are available in black and white. They are ideal for rapid assembly of swatch books, brochures, or nearly any material that needs to be bound together. No need to screw the posts together, just press them together with your fingers.

Sold in packages of 100.


Price: $20.49
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