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1" Plastic Screw Posts <span style="color: #177ddd; font-weight: bold;">(100 Sets)</span> 1" Plastic Screw Posts (100 Sets)

Plastic screw posts are molded Delrin and Polyethelene posts having a large head at one end and a hole at the other. A large-headed screw snaps into the hole on the post, allowing for rapid assembly. Plastic screw posts may be easily unscrewed to remove or add pages.

The post length is 1" and the diameter is 0.24". The post length is the maximum binding thickness (inside length.) We recommend ... [More]

Price: $16.95
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3/16" Aluminum Screw Posts <font color=177ddd><b>(100 Sets)</b></font> 3/16" Aluminum Screw Posts (100 Sets)

Our 3/16" Aluminum screw posts are designed for binding a small number of sheets of paper together. They are perfect for menus and wine lists as well as other documents. They can be opened to insert or replace pages, and you dont even need to use any tools. Finger pressure is enough to unscrew them, but if the screw is extra tight a screwdriver or a small coin in the slot will nudge them loose.

Of course there ... [More]


Price: $9.70

5" Aluminum Screw Posts in Black <span style="color: #177ddd; font-weight: bold;">(100 Sets)</span> 5" Aluminum Screw Posts in Black (100 Sets)

These posts are manufactured the same as our Aluminum screw posts, then a hard anodize coating is added to produce a black color. These posts are ideal for uses where an enhanced appearance is desirable, yet the strength of aluminum posts is required.

The post length is 5" and the diameter is 3/16". The post length is the maximum binding thickness (inside length.) We recommend that you measure your document to obtain the best fit. ... [More]


Price: $107.95

5/8" Aluminum Screw Posts <font color=177ddd><b>(100 Sets)</b></font> 5/8" Aluminum Screw Posts (100 Sets)

5/8" Aluminum screw posts have many uses. You can use them for binding your prospectus or monthly report. You can also use them for binding color swatches or sample sets. Our 5/8" aluminum screw posts will securely fasten paper, card stock, plastics, thin metal, and a variety of other materials. They can be used to assemble just about any material that you can drill or punch a 1/4" diameter hole through. Just push the post through the hole, ... [More]


Price: $9.89

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