C-Hook with String (100 Sets)

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C-hooks with string are used to hang light weight signs from ceiling grids or metal conduit. They are available in white plastic with white, black, or clear monofilament string. The string extends from the hook and the barbed end connects to your sign.

  • Made of light-weight white plastic.
  • Hooks are 2-1/2” high x 2-1/4" wide.
  • Includes eight feet of polyester string in white or black, or six feet of clear monofilament string.
  • A metal-barbed end opposite the hook attaches to your sign.
  • Sold in bags of 100.
  • Great for quick hanging of light-weight signs.
  • A notch on the hook locks the string at your desired length.
  • Insert the barbed end in a hole on your sign and turn 90º to hold the sign in place.
  • Use to hang light weight signs from t-bar ceilings.


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