1/8" Solid Brass Screw Posts (10 Sets)

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These bright brass binding posts and screws are the same shape and size as our aluminum screw posts, but they are made from solid brass. In addition to the appearance of solid brass, these are stronger than the equivalent aluminum posts. Posts and screws are passivated and waxed to help prevent tarnishing.

These screwposts feature a low-profile, flattened head on both the screw and the post. They have a nice clean look when used for binding photo albums, scrapbooks, samples, leather products, store and trade show displays, and more.

These small posts are threaded all the way through to give them more strength. This means the post has a hole in the middle, like the image to the right.

No expensive binding machines to buy — just a simple paper punch and you can get started. The size given in the table is the thickness of your document (or other material) that the post will handle.

Note: These posts cannot be used with our perma-lock screws.

Technical Details

  • The post diameter is 0.203" inch (Fits in a 7/32 or 1/4 inch hole.)
  • Screw threads are #8-32 (Industry standard for these posts.)
  • Screw heads are slotted for a screwdriver or coin.
  • Post heads are unslotted with a hole in the middle.
  • The screw and post heads are 0.415 inch diameter.
  • These small posts are threaded all the way through the post for added strength.
  • 1/8 inch posts are supplied with 3/16 inch long screws to fit the posts.
  • There are 10 posts and 10 screws per package.



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