Xmas Tree Clips (1000 Pieces)

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Xmas tree clips are inserted though 1/4” holes and bind together materials up to 0.600” thick. The clips also bind printed materials to 1/4” holes in store shelving or displays. Available in three lengths to fit your project.

  • Short xmas tree clips are 0.70" long and bind material from 0.180" (4.7mm) to 0.410" (10.3mm).
  • Medium xmas tree clips are 0.875” long and bind materials from 0.180” (4.7mm) to 0.560” (14.2mm).
  • Long xmas tree clips are 0.90" long and bind material from 0.180" (4.7mm) to 0.600" (15.2mm).
  • All sizes fit in 1/4" diameter holes.
  • Manufactured in black, natural nylon, and clear.
  • Simple thumb-push assembly.
  • Fins on the clip’s shaft bind materials tightly.
  • Use for assembly of corrugated displays.
  • Use for attaching signs or dividers to shelves.
  • Sold in packages of 1000.


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