Finned Saddle Clip (100 Pieces)

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Finned saddle clips allow signs to be clipped to thicker materials, including other signs. The sign is held parallel to the material it is clipped to.

The large bottom of the "saddle" holds material up to 0.187", the smaller top holds material up to 0.080". The gripping fins inside both the top and bottom saddles hold sign material securely.

  • Finned saddle clips are made from clear PVC
  • They are 1-1/2" long overall.
  • The large bottom grip holds 0.187".
  • The small top grip holds 0.080".
  • Use to attach cards, call-outs, or "snipes" to thicker sign stock
  • Can be used to attach signs to wire frames, shelf dividers, literature boxes, or more.
  • Sold in packages of 100.


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