Ceiling Grid Clip Hangers (100 Pieces)

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These grid hangers are a simple, cost-effective means of creating a hanging point on a grid ceiling. The hangers have two connection points to fit any of our sign hanger chains, hooks, etc. They can also be clipped to other thin materials, either horizontal or vertical.

  • Hanger clips are made of natural colored plastic.
  • 0.750” top x 0.615” bottom.
  • The small opening accepts 0.116” dia. inserts or smaller.
  • The large opening accepts up to 0.181” dia. inserts.
  • Sold in packages of 100.
  • Use to hang medium and heavy weight signs.
  • Can be used with barbed string, jet wires, or wire hooks.
  • Clips are lightweight and blend in with the ceiling.


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