Jet Wires (100 Pieces)

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Jet wires are an adjustable, tangle-free, hanging hook and wire system for light weight and medium weight signs. With just a pull, jet wires “telescope” out to a desired length and then stay at that length, making it easy to adjust the height of your signs.

These wires can only be stretched longer, up to the maximum length listed. They cannot be shortened once they have been stretched out, so they should not be considered reusable.

  • Jet wires are made of spiraled wire (not spring).
  • Small jet wires stretch from 6” to 4’.
  • Medium jet wires stretch from 8” to 5’.
  • Large jet wires stretch from 12” to 8’.
  • Use for hanging light and medium weight signs.
  • Spiraled wire pulls out easily to a desired length, then stays at that length.
  • Ideal for quick adjustment of signs hung at various heights
  • Sold in packages of 100 only.


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