Pick N' Hook Corrugated Plastic Hanger (100 Hooks)

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The Pick N' Hook corrugated plastic hanger is a simple way to hang your corrugated plastic media. The Pick N' Hook just needs to be pressed into the fluted edge of the corrugated plastic and hung with cord, wire, or monofilament line.

The Pick N' Hook comes 100 pieces per package.

To hang foam or Gator board, use the Twist N' Hook Board Hanger.


  • Sold in packages of 100.
  • Made of white plastic
  • The hook size is 3/4"
  • The full length is 1-1/2"
  • The exposed head is 1-3/16" wide at bottom, 1/2" wide at top, and 1-3/16" high overall.
  • The hole in the head is 1/4" diameter (round).


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Pick N' Hook Corrugated Plastic Hanger (100 Hooks)
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