Pear Clips (100 Clips)

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Pear clips are a strong, economical means of hanging banners and signs from tubular sign frames or pipe-and-drape. The clips are also useful for hanging tags or instruction booklets from large products such as lawnmowers or snow blowers. Easily opened with a squeeze, pear clips are extra-secure when closed.

  • Clips are made from zinc-plated steel.
  • Clips are 0.060โ€ diameter x 1-3/8โ€ wide x 2-1/2โ€ high.
  • Sold in bags of 100.
  • Clips work with tubular sign frames and pipe-and-drape.
  • Can be used to hang multiple sign panels, one above another.
  • Easy to remove and reuse.
  • Rust resistant.


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