Bind-It-All Personal Wire Binding Machine

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This machine is a great way to bind journals, booklets, albums, calendars, catalogs, cookbooks, notebooks, scrapbooks, and many more projects. Looking for a new way to bind then check out this wire binding machine. This is a small and easy to use machine. Weighing in at less than 3 pounds it is easy to take with you wherever you go. The hole pattern is for a 2:1 pitch hole or 21 loop wire. This wire-binding machine has 6 main features. Feature 1 is the extension arm that gives you stability and leverage so the machine won't tip over while punching. Feature 2 is the paper stop guide that helps you line up the pages for the holes to be in the proper area. Feature 3 is the material slot where you put the pages that need to be punched. Feature 4 is the handle for punching the holes in the document. Feature 5 is the micro adjustment knob, this knob is to help you set the machine for the correct diameter of wire you will need to use for your project. Feature 6 is the wire closer where you put your document once the holes are punched and the wire is inserted into the holes. This is a closer to crimp the wire shut and keep the pages in place. You can use the Bind-It-All for so many projects that are quick and simple but yet will look like you spent hours making it. Get yours today.


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