4" Aluminum Screw Posts in Black (20 Sets)

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4" Black aluminum screw posts are anodized with a black durable coating. This coating keeps them strong like the aluminum screw post yet adds a little flair to any project. Black screw posts are great for binding books, scrapbooks, menus, swatches and many more. The post length is 4" and has a 3/16" diameter. These posts come with a 3/8" screw that has a thread of #8/32. You will need to drill or punch your hole for a standard 1/4" in order to have the posts fit correctly into your project. Please note that the post length is excluding the heads of the screw and post. You will only get 4" out of this post.


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All Aluminum Screw Posts in Black

4" Aluminum Screw Posts in Black (20 Sets)
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