1/2” Wing Nut Screws (100 Sets)

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Wing nut screws are quick-assembly binding shafts which push together to close. Like our ultra-short clear screw posts, they can be pushed together with your fingers. They can easily be opened by unscrewing the wingnut.

Since the screw will protrude through the wing nut, these are best used where the back side of the item being bound is not visible.

Sold in packages of 100.


  • Wing nut screws have a 0.187” shaft diameter and a 0.537” head diameter
  • Wing nut screws have circular gripping rings (not spiral threads).
  • Screws are 1/2” long. They bind up to 0.35" thick materials.
  • Molded in clear polycarbonate.
  • The wing nut is supplied molded to the screw shaft. Just snap it off for use.


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