1/4" Clear Plastic Screw Posts (100 Sets)

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Our 1/4" clear plastic screw posts are clear resin posts having a head at one end and a hole at the other. A matching screw snaps into the hole on the post, allowing for rapid assembly.

The post length is 1/4" and the diameter is 0.24". The post length is the maximum binding thickness (inside length.) We recommend that you measure your document to obtain the best fit. Clear plastic screw posts will fit nicely in an industry standard 1/4" punched or drilled hole.


  • The head of the screw is smooth and the head of the post is slotted.
  • Post and screw heads are 3/8" diameter and 0.10" thick.
  • Push-lock screws are furnished with all posts.
  • These clear screw posts are sold in bags of 100 sets (100 screws and 100 posts).
  • We can supply larger quantities on request. Please call for a quote on orders of 30 or more packages.
  • We also carry these in black and white.


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