9/16" I.D. White Plastic Snap Rings (100 Rings)

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9/16 inch inside diameter White Plastic Snap Rings. They have a 5/8 inch inside diameter when they are opened and when they are closed the inside diameter is 9/16 inch. The total outside diameter is 7/8 inch. This is a easy to use one piece snap closure design. Simply press closed for hanging of signs from wire fixtures or to make light weight sample swatches.

Sold in packages of 100.

  • Rings have a 9/16” (13.5 mm) inside diameter.
  • Rings are made of tough Delrin thermoplastic.
  • Sold in packages of 100.
  • Use to fasten swatch books, brochures and light-weight signs.
  • Use as low-cost and highly finished alternative to steel snap rings.
  • Shipped in open position for quick assembly.
  • Light weight yet very durable.
  • Locks securely, yet the fastening is nearly invisible once closed.


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