6" Aluminum Screw Posts OUT OF STOCK (100 Sets)

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6" aluminum screw posts are CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. They are designed for binding very large books. For books and other projects that require a longer post, they can also be extended to almost any length with our screw post extensions. For binding documents this thick, it's a good idea to obtain posts that are slightly longer than the thickness of the book. This will leave room to open the inner pages a bit better, and will make the screws hold better.

If your book is going to be subjected to a lot of use, or if you are going to be binding materials that are heavier than usual, we suggest using our steel screw posts. These posts and screws are much stronger than our industry standard aluminum screw posts. They are also larger in diameter than the aluminum screw posts, so please check the dimensions of the posts that you want to use when you are designing your book.

We sell screws and posts together so that you you don't have to worry about matching the correct parts. We also sell extra screws on this site.

Technical Specifications:

  • These posts are the industry standard size. They are compatible with all standard posts, including those sold under the Charles Leonard brand.
  • The post length is 6" and the diameter is 3/16". The post length is the maximum binding thickness (inside length.) We recommend that you measure the total thickness of the materials that you are binding to obtain the best fit. We also recommend that you punch or drill a 1/4" hole in your documents to accept these posts.
  • Posts are 3/16" diameter. The overall length of a post with the screw installed is approximately 6-1/16".
  • Post and screw heads are 7/16" diameter and 1/16" thick. The screw thread is #8-32.
  • 3/8" long screws are furnished with all posts.
  • Quantity per package is 100 for all aluminum screw posts. We can supply larger quantities on request. Please call for a quote on orders of 25 or more packages.
  • These screw posts can be extended using our 1/2", 3/4", and 1" screw post extensions. 1/4" screw post extensions may also be used with the addition of 3/16" screws (the 3/8" screws furnished with these screw posts are too long to work properly with 1/4" screw post extensions).


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6" Aluminum Screw Posts OUT OF STOCK (100 Sets)